About Elixir Co.

Nowadays chemicals play the main role in almost all industries. The quality of the final products is directly linked to the raw material quality. Sustainable production and market expansion for nearly all industrial products depend on reliable sources to supply on time and the exact quality that is required.

Our team in Exir Company is in close contact with the customers from the first step up to delivery and confirmation of the quality.

Even after delivery, our customer service is in direct contact with the buyer to make sure of the high quality of the product and packaging and receive any related feedback to optimize its after sales service.

We in Exir Company deeply believe that the customer is always right so we do our best to make ordering from Exir Co. easy and facilitate the whole process from A to Z.

With more than ten years of experience, Exir Chemicals is well known in Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese markets and is listed under trusted vendors for both main government and private buyers such as: hygienic industries, power plants, chemical and petrochemical industries in all above mentioned countries.

Exir Chemicals has proudly won many tenders and supplied many chemical materials for large contracts.

Our main fields of products are:

Chlor alkali chemicals

Petrochemicals, essences and other raw materials for hygienic industries

Chemicals used in water treatment industries, power plants

Plastic and polymers for other industries.